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Curly Cut Makeover
Curly Cut Makeover

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Gorgeous Curly Cut
Gorgeous Curly Cut

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Curly Bob Haircut
Curly Bob Haircut

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Curly Cut Makeover
Curly Cut Makeover

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** Embracing Natural hair **

Lexotic Bantu Knot- a Unique blend of twist and braids $75 -$95

Double Strand Twist- Small: $85-$120

Medium: $75-$85

Large: $65-$85

straight back or Angled Cornrows- $55-$65
Twist out:

Natural Hair Updo : $75-$95


 Palm roll Install: $50 for 1st hr, $45 each hr

 maintenance:  $50 1st hr, $35 each hr

Loc styling: $75 - $150

Loc trims/cuts:  $45-$75

Inter-locs Install: $ 50 1st hr, $55 each hr

maintenance: $50 for 1st hr, $40 each hr)

 ** Treatments **

Therapeutic scalp massage 'Includes' -------an Amazing shampoo + ConditIoning


Rejuvenating scalp massage with a Customized blend of different essential oils. Promotes healthy Hair growth. Cost is =$65

Shampoo+Conditioning =$35

Shampoo+ Deep Treatment-----Adds Moisture to dry/brittle Hair =$40

Protein Restoration treatment: Adds strength and rich  protein back to hair, repairs/restores hair and helps it be less weaken and more stronger.


Blowout =$65-$85

De-tangling Services= $35 per hr

Hair extensions/Added hair take down Services

= $25 per hr

** Lexotic Kinky Twist**


LEXOTIC KINKY TWIST is a Specialty Service 'Crochet Hairstyle' which is provided every Two Months.

It's a very Beautiful, light weight and Versatile Hairstyle which takes 4-5 hours to Install.  It's hand Twisted, Quality Work Crafted with Love and  the health of our Client's hair in Mind. The Client's Natural hair is braided to create a good Foundation for the Style then a  "Crochet latch Hook" is used to Install the extensions which will last for ONE MONTH and TWO WEEKS- TWO MONTHS and TWO WEEKS

( Based on hair texture )

*The Hair is included  with this Specialty Service*

There are three different lengths that come with this hairstyles. ( View Images Below) Longest length will be Featured in May of 2018.

( $325) for Shoulder length =12inches.

( $390) for a little bit Longer length pass Shoulders=14inches

( $535) long extended length=16inches


 This Style Includes two Options!


OPTION 1:  To have a VERY Small Section at the very Front of the Perimeter which has ONLY ( 10 Single twist ) to be  Individually Installed and blended into style to create a Side Bang which  gives the front a Natural appearance.

( This comes FREE with the Service on 1st Install )

Touch ups Available for Re-Twisting  the (10 Single Twist ) are just $12

 Perimeter Install on (12inches and 14inches) twist are $45

 Perimeter Install for (16inches ) twist are $55 

OPTION 2:  If Client desires the entire Perimeter of the head Individually Installed which gives an even more  Natural Appearance. There will be an additional Cost of 

   ( $45)     


*All Extension hair will be properly cleanse by Lexi Johnny prior to Install*


Client is Required to Schedule an Appointment 1month in advance.

Client will Drop off Deposit of ( $50 ) and there will be a One on One Consultation at time to just gather some info per we Proceed.

Client will fill out a form so we are aware of any allergies they may have with Products.

On the Day of the Appointment, the Hair will be installed and Customized to Encentuate Client's Features and Compliment their Personality!  :)

Lovely Photos of 'Lexotic Kinky Twist' featured Below




   ** Hair Extensions **

Curly Crochet Extensions "Short"

12inches -14inches( $185-$265 )

 invisible part: $15

comes with Shampoo + Conditioner Service

Curly Crochet Extensions "Long"

16inches-18inches ( $265-$295)

Invisible part -$15 per section

comes with Shampoo + Conditioner Service

Crochet faux locs "Short"

12inches-14inches ( $140- $155)

Crochet faux locs  "Long"

16inches-18inches ($170-$185)

Crochet twist "short"


Crochet twist "long"

16inches-18inches ($165-$175)

** The art of Hairsculpting**

All Haircuts* includes a shampoo +Conditioner service with style.

*A Trim does not*

Curly textured cuts : a Unique approach with a  technique used that is different from cutting straight hair textures.

cost =$65-$85

Curly Trim: $55

( If it's been over "3 months" since you received a trim and over "1 yr" since you've had both. Then you will be need to Select a 'Haircut Service'

haircut : $55-$65

Trim: $45 

flatiron services---comes with a shampoo+conditioner, very light trim and style.

cost: $65-$85


Vintage/Modern Updos: (consultation)
  Bridal Hairstyling: (consultation)


Lexotic Kinky Twist

**Added hair services**

Hair added not Included in cost

straight back or curved Cornrows

  Small =$85-$95

medium-Large =$75-$85

Cornrows 'Long Layers' hair is parted into sections to add fullness to style. 

cost=( $185-$285)

**cornrows with Beads**

16-18 inches

Small - Medium Size

¨Straight back ¨ OR ¨Two Layers¨



Braided Up-do

Small =$85-$150

medium-large =$75-$85

flat-twist Up-do


Lexi's Fluffy Twist "requires Added hair only". ( $185-$275)

"Box braids

$55 per hr

jumbo large =$45 per hr

"Senegalese Twist"

$55 per hr


Please feel free to contact Lexi Johnny if you have any questions and/or concerns about the price for your style of choice. Prices are subject to change *Please note that All prices are starting prices (depend upon length, density, and style desired) *Hair is additional. * All Sales are non-refundable once they are completed*


Cash or Debit Cards are welcome. No Personal Checks Please.


Thank you, we truly appreciate you doing  business with Us!