News from Lexi


As a performing artist, hair care and a funky style that matches my personality are important to me. Lexi does quality work using natural products on my natural hair.  She always is able to get me in and she starts on time.  This is why I keep going back to her, I know I'm going to leave feeling confident that my hair is cute and healthy.     ShaRhonda

I am so in love with Lexi's Exotic hairstyles. She always makes my hair look so classy with a twist of flavor!! :)     Erica Brannon

I am very picky on who I let do my hair, especially when it comes to trimming. But Lexi takes her time and talks to you as she goes along. On top of all her hair oil helped with my dry ends. So whenever someone asks who does my hair I'm very proud to say Lexi Johnny!     Alice Price